Jarrah House (Little Bay, N.S.W)

Jarrah House (Little Bay, N.S.W)

Jarrah House (Little Bay, N.S.W) is a nurturing environment for the treatment of women with substance abuse problems. It is the only service in Australia where women may come to detox, and bring their children with them. Jarrah House Little Bay runs two residential programs and an outpatient support program as outlined below:

  • Stabilise consists of medically supervised detox followed by a short-term rehabilitation program. The rehabilitation program runs for four weeks and combines groups using a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy group model with individual case management. Group work focuses on providing education on issues important for drug and alcohol recovery, such as communication skills, stress management, relapse prevention, relationships and information on the impact of substance use.


  • Skills is a six-week program for women who are detoxed from substances and are interested in further behavioral skill development to prevent relapse and/or prepare for more in-depth therapeutic work. The program is drawn from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and also encompasses groups designed to foster understanding or personal relationships, parenting experiences and physical and psychological well-being. The aim of Skills is to help women with substance misuse issues who have difficulty with regulating their emotions, behaviour, relationships and/or sense of self in order to empower participants to develop a “life worth living”.


Both residential programs include case management, yoga, art therapy, parenting groups, mindfulness and relaxation groups, and gentle exercise.

Jarrah House Little Bay recognizes that drug and alcohol dependence is not only a physical problem but affects women’s emotional and spiritual well-being. Programs are aimed at empowering women to make choices that are right for them, by providing ongoing support and the opportunity to develop a range of personal skills. The center’s high quality, holistic approach to health care has been recognized by the United Nations as setting a benchmark for the gender response treatment of substance abuse by women and their children.

Jarrah House Little Bay child care and parenting services are unique. Children attending the unit with mothers are considered as clients. They are monitored on a regular basis and supported through a structured, child-centered learning environment. Jarrah House promotes the development of the whole child, including social, spiritual, physical and cognitive development. Child-care support and age-specific activities are provided seven days a week by early childhood child-care workers. School-aged children attend the local primary school on a temporary basis.

Maximum Number of Residents: 15

Age Range : 18 Years + (Including children up to 8 Years old)

Approximate Payment: 80 % Of Centrelink ($300 per fortnight)

Length of Stay: 21 Days + 6 Week program

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling

Jarrah House (Little Bay, N.S.W)


P.O. Box 6026

Malabar, 2036


P: (02) 9661 6555

F: (02) 9661 6595

E: [email protected]

W: www.jarrahhouse.com.au


Evaluation of a specialist drug and alcohol treatment service for women: Jarrah House

COVID 19 Update

Jarrah House is responding to the current COVID-19 situation by following the Ministry of Health and Government guidelines and directives.

Whilst COVID-19 is impacting our community, our service will at times be offered in a different format to protect the Jarrah House community, including our clients and staff.

Please note that Jarrah House telephone assessments take place Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays between 9am and 12 midday.  If you are currently on our client wait list, you are still required to make the usual weekly call to our office to maintain your position on the wait list. 

At this time please focus on following the NSW Health and Government guidelines to keep you and your family safe. The health and well being of all our clients – past and present, our staff and our community is important to us.

Our Jarrah House community will emerge from this difficult period – with new opportunities and new ways to work with all our valued clients

Stay well.

If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

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