Karobran NaracoorteSince 1985, we’ve helped people from all backgrounds and walks of life overcome barriers to growth through programs grounded on Christian principles. Our mandate is to nurture confident clients, ready to meet the future with hope and courage. Our integrated study and work programs provide unique opportunities. Through selected work placements, where available, students are able to balance learning in a retreat environment with working in the broader community.

Karobran New Life Centre’s rural facility is located near Naracoorte in South Australia’s Limestone Coast region. Surrounded by gum trees, pine plantations and sprawling vineyards, this facility provides a uniquely peaceful setting for bringing life into focus and is within comfortable driving distance of both Melbourne and Adelaide. Karobran hosts a male only program.

The retreat environment at Karobran is a valuable break from the rigours of everyday life, with ample time for learning and reflection. We also recognise the advantage of being able to implement this new level of understanding through small but important steps of responsibility both at Karobran and through work placement.

Our compulsory study curriculum includes options like: dealing with failure; pillars of wisdom; overcoming temptation; anger and personal rights; self-acceptance; specific steps to recovery; experiencing real freedom; and, establishing and maintaining useful boundaries in relationships. Each study component reflects the Christian ethos which underpins Karobran Life Centre’s methodology.

Maximum Number of Residents: 35

Age Range : 18 Years + (Families Welcome – All Ages)

Approximate Payment: 90% Of Centrelink ($770.00 Entry Fee- $1297.00 Families)

Length of Stay: 6 – 18 Months

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling/Behavioural

Dual Diagnosis Treatment


P O Box 720

Naracoorte, 5271

T: (08) 8764 7470

F: (08) 8764 7510

E: admin@karobran.org

W: www.karobran.org

F: www.facebook.com/KarobranNewLifeCentre