New Beginnings – WHOS (Rozelle, N.S.W)

New Beginnings - WHOS

New Beginnings – WHOS is a drug free residential Therapeutic Community (TC) for women set in the tranquil and heritage grounds of inner Sydney. It’s goal is to help women find freedom from alcohol and other drug dependence and discover a better way of living.The Therapeutic Community’s aims is to provide a safe and secure environment where women who suffer from alcohol and other drug dependence and its related problems can concentrate on their recovery.

The all female staff have a wide variety of skills and work together as a team.  We have a strong mix of staff with an impressive mix of orientations and life experiences.

New Beginnings  is a specifically tailored program and includes:

  • an ACT (acceptance, commitment therapy) based approach
  • trauma informed approach as many women have faced trauma in active addiction
  • parenting courses for clients who are also parents
  • engagement with family support, children visits including liaison with FaCS
  • in house WHOS family support workers

New Beginnings offers a range of skills development programs specifically tailored to women and taught by women including:

  • addiction education including drug overdose and relapse prevention
  • Social and communication skills, assertiveness skills and self esteem building
  • Community unity & peer feedback sessions
  • Harm minimisation including education on HIV/Hep C as well as CPR
  • Sexual health
  • Skills based education (e.g. relationship skills, communications skills, conflict resolution)

Other activities:

  • Participation in external recovery based support networks
  • stress management and exercise
  • Body movement for women

In addition there are a wide range of community based social gatherings and shared job functions which help to build a sense of collaboration and support.

Maximum Number of Residents: 30 +

Age Range : 18 Years

Approximate Payment: 80 % Of Centrelink (First 4 months only)

Length of Stay: 4 Months +

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling/Smoking

Specialised Pharmacological Withdrawal Treatment

New Beginnings - WHOS


PO Box 1779,

Rozelle, NSW,


P: (02) 8572 7433  (9.00am-4.30pm)

P: (02) 8572 7444

F: (02) 85727420

E: [email protected]


If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

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5 thoughts on “New Beginnings – WHOS (Rozelle, N.S.W)”

  1. Felicia Dounis

    This program claims to be a loving and compassionate community yet was happy to discharge a resident a week out from finishing for something absolutely trivial in nature, while she begged and pleaded to stay as getting custody back of her son depended on her finishing the program. They claim consistency to be one of their ‘principles’ yet there is none. The program pushes people to breaking point, allowing minimal rest from the intensely structured days, and then staff wonder why residents are frequently feeling overwhelmed and subsequently unsupported when they express these emotions. It claims to be a therapeutic community, but don’t ever dare to express anything negative in fear of receiving harsh repercussions. Would not recommend this program to anybody who stands up for themselves when they are faced with situations that are unjust. Would recommend to anybody who wants to be obedient to the point of compromising your own values, beliefs and needs. It’s an honesty program where dishonesty is rife. The manager and assistant manager are ruthless, heartless and cold. If you want sobriety and sanity in early addiction, this is not the place to be.

  2. Jessica Heywood

    Don’t worry I got in there this morning and it’s now 7.15pm and I’m sitting out side in the cold and rain with all my bags and the helpful 20 bucks they gave me to get a bus an train back to Richmond only trouble is i cant walk my belongings to the bus stop.. I discharged myself though because they run their rehab like they would a pack of monkeys in a circus. It took hours for them to get another patient to take me to see a doctor we barley deal directly with staff we get given a buddy .. my buddy was actually lovely .. but she is not trained to put up with a patient that’s coming down of drugs and alcohol and only just coming out of detox. I told the people nearly instantly the place is not the place for me and they insisted I stayed right up until now. Thanks new begginings lucky for you I don’t even feel like finding drugs or alcohol. YET. but I’d like to thank napean detox for their support because if it weren’t for them I’d be getting back on it as we speak ..

  3. New Beginnings was what I imagine a punitive boarding school would be like.
    I have complex trauma PTSD and was in hypervigilance for the duration of my stay (two months).
    The program is all about structure and obedience.
    Consequences for breaking the rules included essays, presentations; and losing privileges of mobile phone access, confectionery and TV.
    Bedrooms are shared by up to six women.
    It’s a bit like a brutal Survivor – staff facilitate participants judging and shaming other participants.

  4. The people of WHOS single people out that have different points of view or question their methods.They use a system of tattle tailing to make people feel good about themselves at the expense of others for mediocre mistakes or actions.
    I eventually walked out and was arrested on a warrant I was not aware I had. The powers that be at WHOS confiscated many items in my possession when I was admitted but would not talk to my family members despite many attempts or return my things. It included my wallet, license, bankcard, phone (that held all my contacts and other information) plus a lot of other personal possessions.
    I do believe WHOS can help people but they can also label and wrong you.

  5. I got discharged a week before my medallion day and I can tell you I sat in a pity party of disappointment and grief for awhile there’s probably still an inch of it in me however it’s not what we’ve done that gets us recovery it’s what we do next I am embracing the beautiful obedience,Structure& self reflection I have gained from such a wonderfully formed and moulded long-standing program where I have heard and Born witness to living testimony of recovery 33 years later 15 years… I never got to give my commitment back to the house which was a beautiful canvas I wanted to do that says” gratitude is latitude”However I live by this statement and I’m forever grateful to all the staff and to all my fellow peers who are united with the same motive as I, strictly to help, connect and heal so thank you from the depths of my heart for changing mine and my family‘s life forever because I will fight for recovery for the rest of my life with every breath and anybody looking to go into rehab do it! don’t hesitate recovery never promises to give us an easy ride but when we fight and persevere it is worth it. If it doesn’t challenge us it will never change us. 💜💜💜💪🦋🎶🙏🏽

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