Client-centered evidence-based best practice delivered in a professional, compassionate and respectful way.

Personalised Streamlined Care

Oceans Thailand is a holistic retreat that encourages a fast assessment process, whilst ensuring continuity of care and delivering state of the art treatment in beautiful facilities and peaceful surroundings

Oceans’ addiction rehabilitation programs encapsulate a range of multifaceted therapeutic approaches to addiction issues. The programs are open to anyone struggling with gambling, alcohol and other substance issues.
They have programs ranging from one month, two months and three months in length. The length of an individual treatment program will be determined in the initial assessment process, then reviewed and monitored by everybody involved in the recovery plan.

To create a treatment plan that best fits unique needs and experiences Oceans Thailand has a holistic approach to addiction treatment.

The program will empower individuals and give them the self-efficacy required to contribute positively to society, the people they love and most importantly to their own lives. The program will support residents in breaking the cycle of addiction and provide them with the necessary tools and understanding to help manage daily living without relying on substances.

Oceans is  located in a secured facility in the wild near the beaches to provide the best services in the best environment. Residents at their personal villas have facilities of personal kitchenettes, sofas, television, hot bath, luxury bathrooms, and balcony.

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Either a morning walk on the beach or a therapeutic session all of our activities are conducted in open environment surrounded by natural beauty. Guided physical activities, balanced diet, and the best therapeutic sessions end up in easing the recovery of our residents. Privacy of residents is ensured. The program is challenging at times so we offer 24- hour support with nursing and medical management. Social support speeds up the recovery process so we involve family and loved ones of the residents in the recovery program.

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Oceans  Thailand is a three hour drive south of Bangkok and Thailand’s advanced addiction treatment facility. Incorporating evidence-based best practice combined with tried and true methods of addiction treatment it offers an affordable and fresh approach to addiction treatment. Located in a beautiful beachside therapeutic environment, Oceans  provides a naturally calming and gentle effect on anyone wanting to create change or restore some balance back into their lives.

Residents have their own self-contained private villa – Situated on a beautiful secluded 2-acre property, 1-minute walk to the beach – Only 4 Residents at any one time – Private, tranquil environment only using evidence-based professional treatment – With no hidden fees or extras

The only treatment facility in Thailand with qualified staff who have actually worked in addiction treatment in Australia.

Maximum Number of Residents: 4

Age Range Of Residents: 21-75 Years

Length of Stay: 7-28 Day Programs (Transitional Supported Accommodation/Online Counselling)

Types of Treatment: Drugs/Alcohol/Behavioural/Gambling

Dual Diagnosis Treatment


Hua Hin, Thailand

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