Odyssey House – Circuit Breaker (Benalla, Vic) 

Odyssey House - Circuit Breaker (Benalla, Vic) 

Odyssey House – Circuit Breaker (Benalla, Vic) programs are structured live-in programs for people who experience severe problems with alcohol and/or drug use, and their associated mental health issues. Odyssey House aims to assist people with drug and alcohol problems with an understanding this is a process that requires change in a number of aspects of people’s lives. It is not simply about reducing one’s substance use.

All participants are encouraged and supported to confront the underlying issues that led to their addiction. This occurs within a safe and welcoming environment where our values of trust, concern, respect, honesty, and love are promoted.

The program provides a balance between work, therapy, and recreation.  Each resident has access to a variety of professional staff and those who have recovered from their own problems with addictions. An individual psychological treatment plan is developed for each resident, in partnership with Odyssey House staff.
All residents participate in decision making. They are also expected to contribute to the functioning of the community through cooking, cleaning, and working on property development and maintenance. There is variety of group based activities to help individuals learn new or better coping skills, build self esteem, and take responsibility for their circumstances.
Families are able to have regular contact and visits with their family member in treatment.

Maximum Number of Residents: 15

Age Range : 18 Years +

Approximate Payment: % of Centrelink ($150.00 A Week)

Length of Stay: 6 Weeks

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Odyssey House - Circuit Breaker (Benalla, Vic) 


1619 Kilfeera Road,

Molyullah (Near Benalla)

P.O Box 671



P: (03) 5766 6399

F: (03) 5766 6115

E: [email protected]

W: www.odyssey.org.au

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1 thought on “Odyssey House – Circuit Breaker (Benalla, Vic) ”

  1. Bret Critchley

    What a great place for people to recover and develop new skills for when they go back to life in the real world.
    A supportive caring environment at a critical time in an addicts life, management and staff need a pat on the back for this one.

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