Salvation Army Dooralong Transformation Centre (Dooralong, N.S.W)

salvation army dooralong transformation centre (dooralong, n.s.w)

Salvation Army Dooralong Transformation Centre (Dooralong, N.S.W) has made a very big statement about recovery services in the purchase of Dooralong. It is the largest residential drug, alcohol, gambling and duel diagnosis treatment faculties in Australia.

On 345 acres of land, the Dooralong Transformation Centre was previously a luxurious holiday resort. The cabins are comfortably fitted out, a commercial cafe, timbered floors and brass fittings.

Dooralong also provides a number of recreational activities including horse riding, canoeing and aqua golf.

Residential treatment Centre’s provide an environment, support and the time to allow people to learn to live without their addiction.

The Salvation Army follows the 12-Step Recovery Model, which recognizes they physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the recovery journey.

Although farm work therapy activities were previously a focus at Miracle Haven, a program that provided residents with employment skills, Dooralong will continue work therapy activities through the centre’s cafe. There are also plans to offer horticultural and wildlife protection programs.

While men and women have been separated previously between the two sites at Miracle Haven and Selah, Dooralong is bringing a fresh change by combining them at one centre. Cabins will remain divided by gender, but there will be some shared activities including group counselling sessions. Up to 120 residents can be housed at Dooralong. Up to 78 men and up to 36 women and along with  Dual Diagnosis Therapeutic Community for up to 26 men.

Maximum Number of Residents: 120

Age Range: 18-75 Years

Payment: 80% of Centrelink Payment

Length of Stay: 9 Months to 1 year

Types of Treatment: Drugs/Alcohol/Gambling

Duel Diagnosis Treatment

Salvation Army Dooralong Transformation Centre (Dooralong, N.S.W)


1467 Dooralong Road


P: (02) 4355 8000

F: (02) 4355 0843

Dooralong Transformation Centre

Referral & Intake Office


Oasis Wyong

15-23 Hely Street

WYONG, N.S.W. 2259

P: (02) 4353 9799

F: (02) 4353 9550




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