Toora Women – Transitional Corrections – (Western Creek, A.C.T)

toora women - transitional corrections - (western creek, a.c.t)

The Toora Women – Transitional Corrections – (Western Creek, A.C.T) Coming Home program’s purpose is to provide services to women exiting the Corrections system that will reduce homelessness and recidivism.  

 In providing safe accommodation and follow up in relevant areas of a woman’s life, women are supported to fulfil their potential and reintegrate into the community.  This leads to stronger families and stronger communities.

 The Coming Home Program provides:

  • Accommodation and outreach support

  • Assistance to rebuild relationships with families, children and community

  • Assistance to deal with health issues, start education, training or employment

  • Assistance to link with other services in the community

  • Assistance with drug and alcohol support and trauma counselling

  • Sexual assault and domestic violence counselling and support

  • Cultural sensitivity, advocacy and case management

 The Coming Home program manages Viv’s Place a transitional property, and four properties on a head lease agreement with ACT Housing.  Women are housed in head lease properties until they achieve sustainable tenancy.  At this time their lease is transitioned to their name and managed by ACT Housing.  Outreach in the form of case management continues with the Coming Home program, where appropriate.

 The Coming Home Program provides wrap-around support to women exiting the Alexander Maconochie Centre.  A supportive relationship is established with women while they are incarcerated through outreach visits to the gaol.  Upon a women’s release, the service provides intensive case management, outreach support, advocacy, and referral.

 Who is eligible?

 Coming Home program assists single women, women with children, women from culturally diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, who have been incarcerated.  Women with partners can also access the program.

Maximum Number of Residents:

Age Range : 18 Years + (including children up to 12 years of age))

Approximate Payment: 25 % Of Centrelink

Length of Stay: 6 Months +

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling/Smoking

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Toora Women - Transitional Corrections - (Western Creek, A.C.T)


PO Box 4038

Weston Creek

ACT 2611

P: (02) 6288 6904

E: [email protected]


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