William White or affectionately known as Bill White is one of the greatest Recovery Advocates the world has ever know. Mr. White has dedicated his entire life helping people recover from one form of addition or another and has worked tirelessly in this endeavor since the early 1960’s. William White has influenced Government Policy, at Federal, Local and State level. He continuously works with NGO’s, community groups and is the most prolific writer  and researcher of in the field of addiction treatment and all things recovery. It is out of the utmost respect and admiration that this website is heavily influenced and wholeheartedly dedicates its resources and energy trying to promote his most inclusive, secular, multidimensional and open approach to recovery in all its forms and different modalities.

Thank you, Mr. White for your passion and inspiration.

With great Love and Affection, the Volunteers at Rehabreviews.com.au (Australia)

William White has personally given his permission for this website to re-publish his blog posts.

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