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History of this website.

This website originated as a simple list of Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation facilities from around Australia. Subsequently, it was emailed as a PDF to clients, patients, family members and friends of anyone who needed some information regarding residential rehabs in Australia.


The list was then converted into a WordPress blog and then eventually would become this website.
Since then it has evolved into a resource providing information for anyone interested in the site. is aimed at helping consumers connect with the appropriate services they are looking for in Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Residential Rehabilitation Services in Australia.

We do not offer our reviews on rehabs. We ask only consumers to comment, write reviews and inform others of their experience in treatment or request information from other consumers about previous experiences with particular treatments. is not responsible for the comments made by consumers. Still, highly negative reviews may need to be verified, and the treatment service offered a response in reply to being posted alongside the original post.

It can be a very daunting task to find out what rehab best suits you or your loved one. Anybody entering recovery is impressionable, vulnerable, sensitive, scared, generally isolated, and physically and mentally sick.

We will try to dispel myths, make clear and precise points, and advocate for the consumer to enter the proper treatment as gently and as quickly as possible. For more information please contact:

There are no political associations with this website. This site is run and managed on a volunteer basis.

By purchasing any products through the sponsored advertising on this website you are contributing to the ongoing publication and monitoring of this site, thank-you.

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