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Alcohol Residential Rehabs

The origins of this website are very simple. It began as a simple list of Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabs from around Australia that was then emailed to clients, patients and friends and family of both who had no idea about where to start looking for a Residential Rehab in Australia. The list was then converted to posts and uploaded to this site. Since then it has evolved into a resource providing information for anyone interested in the site.

Rehabreviews.com.au is aimed at helping consumers connect with the appropriate services they are looking for in Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Residential Rehabilitation Services.

We do not offer our own reviews on rehabs but ask only consumers to comment, write reviews and inform others of their experience in treatment or request information from other consumers about previous experiences with particular treatments.

Rehabreviews.com.au is not responsible for the comments made by consumers but extremely negative reviews may need to be verified and the treatment service offered a response in reply to being posted alongside the original post.

It can be a very daunting task trying to find out what rehab best suits you or your loved one. Anybody entering recovery is impressionable, vulnerable, sensitive, scared, generally isolated and both physically and mentally sick.

We will try to dispel myths, make clear and precise points and advocate on behalf of the consumer so they are able to enter the right treatment as gently and as quickly as possible.

If any information provided on the website is outdated or wrong please contact us immediately so it can be changed.  CONTACT PAGE.

There are no political associations with this website. This site is run and managed on a  volunteer basis.

Not every person can just go into any service because they meet criteria. This site is trying to build a bridge between private and public facilities to make them readily known and available to all people who want to access them or provide further information about them or obviously provide a review/comment.

There is a tiny bit of general miscommunication in this very large and ever-changing and ever-evolving landscape of drug and alcohol rehabs and services.

Any information or personal identification provided to this website will remain strictly confidential unless otherwise specified.
No records will ever be kept of anyone wanting to contribute to posts on this website.