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The Basin Centre – Salvation Army (The Basin, Vic) 

The Basin Centre – Salvation Army (The Basin, Vic) rehabilitation program is designed to stimulate personal growth and recovery, self-healing and community integration. Opportunities are provided to explore your current situation and to develop insight and skills to make positive lifestyle choices and better manage yourself and your life.

The program includes groups and workshops on a range of topics, including: harm minimisation, anger management, positive lifestyles, health and nutrition, spiritual awareness, life skills, communication skills, work therapy, relationships ,self esteem, mind and body, stress management, mental health awareness, assertiveness, community integration, relapse prevention.

All clients are allocated a Case Manager, who provides weekly ongoing support, to help you achieve your recovery goals.  The Case Manager will assist you to develop your personal Care Plan, which identifies your personal goals. The Case Manager will support you to achieve your goal and together with you monitors and reviews your progress.

Maximum Number of Residents: 30

Age Range : 18 Years +

Approximate Payment: 80% Of Centrelink ($70.00 Desposit)

Length of Stay: 16 Weeks

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs

The Basin Centre - Salvation Army (The Basin, Vic) 


49 Basin – Olinda Rd

The Basin, 3154

P: 1800 888 236

P: (03) 9762 1166

F: (03) 9762 5767


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7 thoughts on “The Basin Centre – Salvation Army (The Basin, Vic) ”

  1. I was a resident at The Basin 17 years ago. I loved it, particularly the cow farm work. The 16 weeks off the grog was good. I began drinking again the night of the day I left. The skills and attitudes learned at Rehab helped me get off again and now stay off, for years.

    • Unfortunately the cows are long gone Peter, I was also there as a resident in 2003 and loved the milking shifts. After a relapse in 2013 I returned and now the work therapy is all about raking leaves…… you rake them one day and the next day they’re back and you do it all again……….. definition of insanity. The centre was an awesome place to recover but it has gone downhill big time since the dairy farm days.

  2. Its a hard slog but if i can do it, anyone can. There is some decent people who work here and care about your progress. Not all of them but thats probably the same everywhere. I went here four years ago and I have been drinking off and on ever since. But, the time I spent here saved my life.


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