Logan House Logan House is  residential drug rehabilitation facility situated in a picturesque semi rural setting on the banks of the Logan River, midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Logan House operates as a Therapeutic Community and offers a comprehensive recovery oriented experience for persons grappling with a severe alcohol or other drug related problem. Our goal is to support people to make health enhancing behaviour and lifestyle changes – including, but not limited to, their drug use.

Our specialised alcohol and drug treatment program, for people aged over 18 years, provides a community for people to live and work within, while fostering a focus on personal growth as a means of recovery.

This Therapeutic Community approach provides a safe and supportive environment, which is free of alcohol and non-prescription drugs.

Here, residents can review their life, reflect on their present and move forward into a future of their own desire and design. 

Our qualified staff will work with residents to develop a personal treatment plan and help provide them with the necessary resources and tools to support their journey of recovery.

Our program includes individual and group counselling, life and job skills training and access to specialist services from other agencies.

Residents can participate in a range of activities, all of which have a strong emphasis on relapse prevention. There is a pool, tennis court and well-equipped gym.

A specialist parenting program is also offered.

As part of a Therapeutic Community, residents will be involved in the day to day activities of community living. Residents are asked to cook and clean and carry out general maintenance.

When it comes time for residents to leave the program, we will help put in place support networks within the wider community to ensure a smooth transition. Access to halfway houses or supported accommodation can be arranged during this time if needed.

Maximum Number of Residents: 37

Age Range : 18 Years +

Approximate Payment: 80 % Of Centrelink

Length of Stay: Six Months +

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling


75-87 Kirk Road,

Chambers Flat

P: 1300 727 957

P: (07) 5546 3900

P: (07) 3834 0200

F: (07) 3832 2527

E: contactus@liveslivedwell.org.au

W: www.liveslivedwell.org.au