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Teen Challenge, Women’s Centre (Toowoomba, QLD)

Teen Challenge, Women’s Centre (Toowoomba, QLD) provides a nurturing environment for young women aged 16-39 who are recovering from life controlling issues such as addiction, depression, eating disorders, depression and self harm. Our program not only aims to address the young women’s needs to overcome addiction but also aims to restore their hope, self image and self awareness.

Inside a Christian framework young women have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of our program including:

  • Counselling / mentoring
  • Discussion and lifestyle groups
  • Individual case management
  • Pre-vocational & vocational development programs
  • Recreational and social activities

We are passionate about seeing young people transformed to live a productive and meaningful life.

Our program aims to eliminate their self-destructive habits by meeting the needs of the whole person, not only dealing with the addiction, but also rebuilding their self-image, work ethic, spiritual awareness and relationships.

We have specially designed this program with your success in mind, and participation is required in all aspects of the program detailed below.

  • Individual and group studies

  • Recreational sporting and social activities

  • Spiritual growth through community interaction and church involvement

  • Work programs, including maintaining and community environment

  • Case management and counselling



A two week long induction program runs before commencing the actual program. Entry to the full program after this time is by mutual agreement. The program is 12 months in length, and operates in 3 different phases. The program is voluntary so a person can exit at any time, but experience indicates that the full program is usually required to fully deal with the pertinent issues.

The last phase is the Transition Program which involves re-entry back into the community, work and responsibility. Students will be in this phase for 6 weeks where they will experience working in a job area they are interested in pursuing after they have left the program (if available). They will have control of their own finances, and will be given more opportunities to engage in activities outside the Centre to help prepare them for re-entry into the community.

What happens?

Students start their day at 7.00am for a shower and breakfast, and prepare for morning duties at 8.00am. The rest of the days are taken up with:

  • Affirmation groups

  • Personal studies

  • Devotions

  • Community meetings

  • Lunch and tidy up

  • Visits with Doctors and Psychologists

  • Sport

  • Work Day-Community Partnership Program

  • Student leader devotions

  • Group work

  • Work duties

  • Dinner and tidy up

  • Recreation/free time

  • Community Outings

  • Games Nights

  • Saturday outings

  • Family visits at the centre

  • Phone calls home

  • Church services

  • Weekend or day leave if approved​


Internships are offered to students who complete the program and are deemed suitable for youth work and/or ministry. Some students may not meet the criteria initially, but with further experience may become suitable after some time.

An internship lasts for 12 months and includes completion of a Certificate IV in Youth Work.  It gives opportunity for students to give back to the program and help other young people who are struggling with similar issues.

Leaving the program

Participation in the program is voluntary and as such, a student is able to leave the program at any time. It is possible for a student to be dismissed from the program if his/her behaviour is outside the program guidelines.

If a student leaves the program (or is dismissed) they are unable to re-enter the program until a period of 21-30 days has elapsed. After that time, return is dependent upon the suitability of the person for the program and the availability of a bed.

NB: Where possible, family members will be contacted when a student leaves the program. However, please remember that we operate under strict privacy laws which may prohibit our communication with family members regarding the student

Maximum Number of Residents: 30

Age Range : 16 to 40 Years

Appromimate Payment: 80% Centrelink

Length of Stay: 12 months

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs

Teen Challenge, Women’s Centre (Toowoomba, QLD)


Mail: PO Box 1167,

Toowoomba, QLD, 4350

P: (07) 4637 0211

F: (07) 4637 0611


Mail: PO Box 3376,

South Brisbane,

QLD, 4101

P: (07) 3422 1500

F: (07) 3422 1511

E: [email protected]


If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

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