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Detour House (Glebe, N.S.W)

Established in 1984, Detour House (Glebe, N.S.W) provides a structured three month rehabilitation program for up to seven homeless women affected by drugs, and/or alcohol dependence.
Detour House is funded by the Department of Community Services as a Specialist Homeless Service.
All women who meet the admission criteria, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs, sexual preference, transgender identity, political affiliation, disability or HIV/AIDS status, are admitted. Both Detour House and YPR are governed by a clear set of rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of residents and staff.
Detour House Inc was most recently accredited by Quality Management Services (QMS) in 2011.
Detour House Inc strives to provide the highest possible standard of care to the woman and girls in our care.
As a not-for-profit organisation Detour House Inc is a Deductible Gift Recipient endorsed by the Australia Tax Office. Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. Visit our donations page to see how you can help.

Detour House is a community housing provider which provides a structured three month rehabilitation program for residents. We meet our client’s needs by providing a safe and supportive environment for emotional growth.

Our three month program is based on the 12 Steps and is designed to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being.

We offer:

  • Individual case management –  support is provided to all residents through weekly case meetings with trained staff members.
  • Health education – practical information designed to assist in recovery.
  • Referral to other specialist services – referral and advocacy to generalist health and mental health services, government and non-government organisations.
  • Art therapy – offering residents an enjoyable and creative outlet to work through their recovery.
  • Living skills – providing support to encourage residents to live independently in the community.
  • Peer and Transition Groups – weekly groups enable residents and transition clients a necessary forum to share their experiences and gain support.
  • 12 Step Meetings – residents attend 90 meetings in 90 days to build insight and resilience.

We interview all residents to assess their suitability for admission.

Maximum Number of Residents: 7

Age Range : 18 Years +

Approximate Payment: 80 % Of Centrelink ($300 per fortnight)

Length of Stay: 3 Months +

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling

Detour House (Glebe, N.S.W)


PO Box 253

Glebe, 2037


P: (02) 9660 4137

F: (02) 9552 4388

E: [email protected]


If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

5 thoughts on “Detour House (Glebe, N.S.W)”

  1. Hi there, just wanted t say its good to see that after all these years and helping many women in recovery Detour is still operating. Julie and I started Detour in 1984 we both worked at Womans Place in Kings Cross and Detour was started from there. Dept of Housing gave us a house in Kensington and Funding was made available for one persons wage. Julie and I shared the wage and the house was furnished by Vinnies. It was such an adventure in those days . I had experience with the 12 step program NA and had spent time in WHOS. Julie came from an AA background and we worked well together. The house was virtually full ( 8 women ) within weeks and continued to remain that way until I left years later. Many women now have a stable drug free life because they had Detour to help them in the beginning of their recovery. Thank you for keeping Detour as a valuable service for woman it has made a lot of difference to many womens lives.

  2. Detour House provided support for my daughter to turn her life around. They have provided her with a way to move forward from a life of addiction by supporting her recovery.
    She was a resident in the house for 3 months and then joined the transition programme, they helped her find a stable and safe home. She is drug free today because they believed in her and gave her the opportunity to find her way.
    Detour House do the things that families can’t do. I am thankful to them for giving us our daughter back and their ongoing support. A truely amazing organisation supporting vulnerable women….Thank you is the least I can say.

  3. Detour is an amazing place with incredible people. They saved my daughters life ten years ago and I am forever grateful to them for the support they gave and continued to give after she left. These are people who really care and understand what people are going through.

  4. I had been trying to get clean for over ten years at different rehabs, private rehabs and with a psychologist. I was thought of a hopeless case, chronic relapses, no hoper. Something finally changed when I entered detour, maybe I was finally ready after all my failed attempts and the timing was perfect because I was in a place that didn’t have any judgement on me or my past and only wanted to help me in spite of myself. I have been clean and sober for over five years now after finishing this program. If you are looking around and think you might be ready, then this is the place for you.


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