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Shalom House (Midland, W.A)

Shalom House (Midland, W.A) provides holistic recovery for men with any life controlling issues

Out of Peter’s painful experiences, came a strong desire to help others who were going through similar trauma.

Peter set out to help men, who required intensive attention and support to overcome deeply entrenched behaviours and addictions that made their lives unmanageable. Before long, it became clear that a live-in restoration program was required to restore these damaged lives.

In 2012, Peter opened a safe house, where men with life-controlling issues could voluntarily take up residence to be guided towards a comprehensive restoration of their lives by someone who truly understands what they are going through. It started with one resident and five years later, rose to up to over 120 residents living across 11 properties under the ‘Shalom House’ banner.

Many of the men in the Shalom House program are married and have children. Our couples program includes both partners residing at Shalom House. This includes their children, to bring restoration not only to the individual and the relationship but to the whole family unit. Shalom Houses are opened according to the need and there are no waiting lists.


This has become a residential facility for men and families whose lives have been overtaken by life-controlling issues such as alcohol and drug addiction.

Men and families who need to build long-term changes into their lives, in order to emerge as functioning members of society and leave the life-controlling issues well and truly in their past. For this purpose, Shalom House offers a live-in facility located in the scenic Swan Valley of Western Australia. 

Men and families who meet the criteria and who are ready to embrace serious change in their lives can commit to the program for a 12 month period. This is so they can undergo a restoration process in the safety of a disciplined and controlled environment. 

The Shalom House project lead by Peter has gone from strength to strength and is now in Victoria also.

Maximum Number of Residents: 120 +

Age Range Of Residents: 18 +

Payment: 80% of Centrelink Payment

Length of Stay: 3 Months to 1 year

Types of Treatment: Drugs/Alcohol/Behavioural/Gambling



Shalom House (Midland, W.A)


PO BOX 2281

General Enquiries: [email protected]



M: 0473 883 914 

E: [email protected]



I can say first hand that the program at Shalom House works. It is an intensive program and it’s bloody hard work but if you really want to change your life and discipline yourself you can and will change. Peter and his team off staff and volunteers work tirelessly over and above to do everything they can behind the scenes to ensure the best for each and every resident.

I honestly don’t have the words to describe the extent of my gratitude to Shalom House ~ my son has been a resident in the program for 14 months and after a 20 year drug addiction ~ has now been Completely Healed.  After 20 years of waiting for “ that knock on the door” from the Police to inform me of Anthony’s death~ I can now sleep peacefully knowing he is safe and well and HAPPY!!!
Every aspect of the fellas lives are restored in the Shalom program ~ it is like no other treatment facility ~ it is very strict, and some cannot handle it. Those who stay in the program , are transformed into the most beautiful caring ,considerate ,kind ,gentle , and giving men .  Their hearts and minds are rebuilt from scratch and to be amongst them at Family Night each Saturday for church and the meal after ~ truly is the highlight of my week.
My son works for Shalom now, and is the happiest he has ever been in his life.
May God continue to Bless Peter Lyndon-James, his wife Amanda, the staff ,volunteers and everyone involved in this wonderful place.

8 thoughts on “Shalom House (Midland, W.A)”

  1. Have heard many amazing stories about this facility from the local community and couple of previous clients.

    Raise my hat to the efforts of this amazing NGO. It’s sad to see recently there has been attempts by some irresponsible members of press influenced by their Government counterparts to attack or attempt to discredit this facility.

    Truth is that no Government or similar WA agency has been able to accommodate so many people and provide any sustainable results. Not to mention that for fraction of this, other agencies have had to spend millions of dollars to produce little or no results.

    Therefore it’s no wonder that the way this facility had been successfully managed has created much jealousy or animosity from other competitors.

    With NDIS becoming available for limited aspects of what’s offered to similar service providers, the negative press will have a ball to spread loaded or fake News similar to what has been done with climate change and NSW bushfires.

    The wiser audience will be able to read through that.

    Well done for the service you continue to provide the community in the absence of better care or has demonstrated.

  2. There has been a lot negative publicity about this place over the years. So called experts say, it’s not evidenced based, it’s crazy religion, it’s too strict.
    Let’s the numbers do the talking. hundreds of people actually getting clean from drugs and alcohol.
    It’s a free program.
    It has community integration. It is peer support based.
    Hundreds of people are now living productive lives as a result of this program.
    This is because “so called experts”, get really upset, when families are not spending tens of thousands of dollars on their magical addiction treatment services. Which almost always lead to relapse.
    You cannot buy recovery. This place works.

  3. I am so glad people are writing about their positive experiences for a change, it seems like everything online is just a bitch session for people to mouth off. I had a life-changing experience here. The staff was incredibly supportive and the programs were effective in helping me overcome my addiction. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a fresh start.

  4. Shalom House works
    The guidance and support services provided to my son have been invaluable to him and myself
    He has turned his life around
    I am so very proud of him and thank you for all your help in supporting to make the changes he needed to move forward in his life.


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