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Watershed (Berkeley, N.S.W)

Watershed (Berkeley, N.S.W) Drug & Alcohol Recovery and Education Centre is situated in Berkeley overlooking Lake Illawarra. They provide the community with a residential service for alcohol and other drug (AOD) detoxification and rehabilitation. They also operate a supported accommodation aftercare service (halfway house) called ‘Carinya House’ which is situated nearby.

Overall, Watershed has 20 beds available to those 15 years and over and provides a safe & healthy environment where clients are assisted to identify issues that lead them into self -destructive behaviours and learn how to recognize and introduce positive change into their lives.

The evidence-based holistic treatment services include the only Residential Withdrawal Management Program (Detox) in the Illawarra which is supported by a four week structured residential rehabilitation program where our clients receive 24 hour support and supervision and participate in our Healthy Lifestyle Program that offers yoga, tai chi, exercise, meditation and relaxation; a Therapeutic Group Program that provides a structured harm minimization group program covering relapse prevention, anger management, conflict resolution, healthy relationships and self-esteem; a Living Skills Program that provides budgeting, shopping, cooking, gardening, home duties, first aid and personal responsibility; and a Health Promotion and Harm Prevention Program and Case Managed support including Treatment, Counseling and Aftercare.

Watershed’s aftercare program includes supported accommodation through our transition or halfway program at ‘Carinya House’ and includes referral and shared care options. Carinya House is an additional 6 bed, longer-term (3-12 months) accommodation program that provides continued access to relevant treatments and allows a gradual transition back into the community for Watershed clients.

Watershed (Berkeley, N.S.W)

Maximum Number of Residents: 20

Age Range : 15 Years +

Appromimate Payment: 15-17 years of age – $168 per week. 18-21 years of age – $196 per week. 21 years+ – $224 per week.

Length of Stay: 28 Days

Types of Treatment: Drugs/Alcohol/Gambling/Mental Health

Disorders Duel Diagnosis Treatment



PO Box 25,

Berkley, N.S.W. 2506

PH: (02) 4272 3000

FAX: (02) 4271 6173

Call Toll Free 24/7

PH: 1800 818 872

Email: [email protected]



If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

7 thoughts on “Watershed (Berkeley, N.S.W)”

  1. It’s a 2 bedroom house, and when I was there it was 10 people – all with problems, which is what we are all there to solve. Now 10 people was extremely crowded in a 2 bedroom house, with a standard backyard and no opportunity to leave ‘the compound’ at any time.

    I could go on but I don’t have the energy at the moment – just like several people whilst I was there who showed up, saw the crowd and bunkbeds, and walked straight out. They had come to terms to make the BIG decision that they needed help, and then they turn up to a regional environment where they expect some solace and they find a standard 2 bedroom house with bunk-beds (10 people .. only 2 rooms … and yet they say they can fit 20??? ).

    They refer to you as clients … you are actually a pateint, but some of the staff at this place treat you like you are an ‘in-mate’ at a low security prison, and at best with these same staff, they treat you like you are a child.

    We all turned up because we have problems, but the solution is definitely not this place.

  2. This place sounds like Dayhab in Melbourne. Except it cost me and my son 40 thousand dollars to drive him to AA meetings. Rehabs in Australia have no quality control and are run by cowboys for the most part.

  3. It’s each to his own. I went here many years ago and it really worked for me compared to the state I was in. I am forever grateful for the staff and their kind and caring attitudes. This place is in the middle of nowhere for a reason, with out all the distraction you will find at other places.

  4. Hi Anonymous 16 January.
    Yes there are bunk beds, no there are not only 2 bedrooms and Watershed does not house 20 people. It is not a hospital so no-one is a patient. All people who are serviced by an organisation are clients of the organisation.

    Hi Simon,
    Watershed is an Accredited Rehabilitation program. Not all places are especially those that are private and charge the earth.

  5. Regardless of the above statements that I have read, I will take this opportunity to give this place an absolute 5 star review! Rehab is not a magic wand. You can not go there and expect that because you showed up that all of your issues will magically disappear.
    It’s more like Bunnings. (Hear me out)
    You go there, look around at the tools that are on hand, shop for the tools that you think will work for the job that needs to be done at home, take the tools and start the reconstruction process.
    You have to use what you learn in your real life, otherwise it is pointless to go to rehab at all (even if you get your own room)..
    I came to this place broken, with no prospect of rebuilding my life whatsoever. I was in the middle of a messy court battle for my kids and I was suicidal.
    What some call being treated like a child, I call nurturing a human being. These people are angels and I truly believe as I told the staff when I was there that God lives at the watershed.
    Forget where you’ll sleep, just open your heart and mind to what you’ll learn from the experience and check yourself in.
    Today, I am 3.5 years clean and I couldn’t be happier.
    I have gone from owning nothing to having absolutely everything I could ever want and need and it’s all thanks to the power I gained from being mentored through my addiction by the staff at this wonderful facility.
    Thank you Watershed.
    You gave me my life back.
    I am forever grateful.


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