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2023 The Buttery (Bangalow, N.S.W)

The Buttery (Bangalow, N.S.W) is a not-for-profit charity located near Bangalow, NSW. It is not affiliated with any political or religious group.

The Buttery specialises in the treatment of mental health, substance misuse and gambling issues.

Its residential programs near Bangalow operate as a Therapeutic Community (TC).

The residents are the main vehicle for promoting personal change through self-help. Co-located with the TC is the Maintenance to Abstinence (MTA) program.

It is for people who wish to withdraw safely from prescribed opioid substitutes such as Buprenorphine or Suboxone.

The Buttery’s residential programs are integrated with its community-based programs operating in the NSW Mid and Far North Coast Regions.

They can provide treatment prior to entry to a residential program and also aftercare. CORE is a day-stay rehab for people who cannot attend a residential program.

INTRA provides a wide range of community programs for teenagers and adults. AODCCC and RPAS are aftercare programs for people in recovery.

b.well is for people with dual diagnosis (mental health and substance misuse) issues. The Northern Rivers Gambling Counselling Program is for people with gambling issues. The Buttery’s Free Family Program is for the family members of people in contact with Buttery programs.

Maximum Number of Residents: 34

Age Range Of Residents: 20-70 Years Plus

Payment: 80% of Centrelink Payment (Limited fee paying Priority Admission places available).

Length of Stay: 3 Months to 1 year

Types of Treatment: Drug/alcohol addiction; behavioural addictions; gambling

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The Buttery (Bangalow, N.S.W)


P.O Box 42 Bangalow 2479

T: (02) 6687 1111

F: (02) 6687 1039

E: [email protected]


If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

12 thoughts on “2023 The Buttery (Bangalow, N.S.W)”

  1. Ahh the Buttery, the great hippy//surfie drug rehab.
    I did 6 months in 88, 3 months in the half way in Sydney, haven’t used heroin since.
    Despite some desperate days, and stomach churning fear, I have some significant positive recollections.

  2. The Buttery has a long history (I first heard about the place 38 years ago) and a well-earned reputation for the excellence of it’s program.
    I entered The Buttery in 2001, at the age of 43, after an almost 30 year history of substance abuse. I’ve remained totally abstinent from drugs and alcohol ever since, something I would never have thought possible in my life.
    It’s a long-term program, a prospect many find daunting, however it’s not a long time compared to the years many of us spent cultivating our addiction.
    Due to the demand for it’s services and the limited number of beds available, there can be a considerable waiting period to get into the Buttery, however, if you are considering going there I can tell you it is well worth the wait.
    Like many ex-residents of The Buttery, I still have an association with it, and get to meet current residents regularly.
    The change in them, even after just a week or two of them having arrived there, is a joy to see.

  3. “My personal experience trying to gain entry to the buttery”, After many years of drug abuse and misdiagnosed mental health issues I finally reached rock bottom and found myself behind bars for what is considered a violent crime, a relative recommend I seek long term treatment and recommend the buttery so I applied and was accepted over eight months prior to my release, every week I rang to keep my name on the waiting list, finally I thought I was going to receive the help and support I so desperately needed and was even looking forward to a second chance at life and happiness. I gave full disclosure of my criminal history, mental health issues and all medication being taken, so after being accepted for admission I tried to just do my time with the comfort that help was out there but it was up to me to ring every week and put the work in if I was ever going to succeed, so many months went by as a model prisoner and my release date grew near, with only weeks until my release and with my parol granted I made that call I had done so many times before only to get the response that I don’t fit the entry criteria, what had changed, I had always been honest since day one 100%. Even without the buttery’s help I’m so successful my own family doesn’t even recognise that it’s the same person that’s been in some very bad places in mind and body, the moral of the story boys and girls is never really on anyone but yourself for only you are responsible for your destiny, people and organisations can not be relied on to help you achieve happiness only you can supply it, so even if you’re abandoned at your time of most need, there’s still hope for I was among the most the needy and was left in the cold, the only thing that remained was hope, the hope that you make it as well and your struggles will soon be over, l know they will be, because I was once hopeless and have made my own happiness and am now full of hope, love and life, but cannot forget where I came from that way I will never return……………..

  4. As the mother of a long term drug user, I have to thank The Buttery for their wholistic approach in helping my grown son. The bottom line of course is that the person concerned has to genuinely WANT to stop their lifestyle. My son spent around 4 months there, and learnt so much. He quoted what he had been told there numerous times after he had completed his time at The Buttery, making us realise the wide spectrum of support and help offered but keeping in mind that he himself was required to do his part in complying with life there. I am sure it was a difficult time. He left The Buttery a little early, having to have an operation for ruptured pectoral muscle. Once leaving there of your own volition, you are not allowed back (is this still the rule?) Although he left early, it was enough time for him to re learn life, and to say that his father and I are proud of him now, would be an understatement. He is a contributing member of society and hopefully far removed from the totally dissatisfied man he once was. It has been over 5 years since the rehab. Parents, please know that there is always hope. That’s all you have in this day and age. MANY THANKS TO THE BUTTERY,

  5. The Buttery’s residential rehab has a fantastic reputation for helping people find lasting recovery after years of long-term addiction. It is run as a therapeutic community where the other residents who are seeking recovery from addiction support the others there in their journey to recovery. Most people there use their social security payments to cover food and accommodation, which is pretty basic. As a charity, The Buttery needs donations to keep operating. The Buttery also runs programs throughout the NSW Northern Rivers area to help teenagers and adults with addiction or mental health issues. Several of my friends have taken part in these programs and are now leading better lives free from addiction.

  6. Awful place The staff are woefully uneducated ( usually lifelong criminals/addicts with a 1 year TAFE certificate in community services).

    Delabitated, run down – outdated therapeutic model ( from the 80’s). They manipulate figures to show a high success rate when in actual fact this is considered by professionals in the field to be a poor choice

    • russell, did you even go to The Buttery? I was just finishing up there around the time you posted this. Yes a number of the staff identify as being in recovery. I found that personally very helpful in relating and they did a great job connecting. I also think you are intentionally trying to misinform about the qualifications of the staff. I worked with two different counsellors directly and both of them had masters degrees. I’m pretty sure the others also had more than just a 1 year certificate based on how they managed groups. The majority of people I’m still connected with are doing well. Not everyone, but thats addiction I guess. Its just my observation on the people I know while there.

  7. Hello my name is John Im a 60 yr old recovering addict,I was a resident of the Buttery in 1982 or 83. Being there was a life changing experiance at that time I had been using Heroin since 1976,I had relapsed after a 6wk program in a Sydney Detox facility ( Wisteria House) I was all set to come to the Buttery and once the stone was over staff at Wisteria encouraged me to call staff at the Buttery and disclose my relapse. I was terrified ,disillusioned,and very reluctant to take responsibility for my actions.Instead of the admonishment and criticisim I expected I was met with the statement “But isnt that why you need to come here ? to learn how to stop using.” My using journey began to end there with my engagement with The Buttery I am clean today and have been for sometime in many ways I owe my life to my time with you …………….John H

  8. I went through the buttery in the late 80s, it was staffed with workers with university degrees & some addicts who had been in there previously.

    After 3 months of Yoga, Thai Chi, Meditation, groups, 1 on 1 sessions, doing chores, attending external self help groups, working on honesty, eating well etc I finally got a solid sleep, 6 hours straight, I was chuffed, told everyone in the place “it’s working I’m getting somewhere I slept 6 hours straight!” – very different from years of waking in fright every 2 hours and being unable to get back to sleep for 2 hours if I slept at all ..

    From there it ebbed & flowed, I had become spring, never used again (up to right now) the place really worked for me.

    After many adventures these days I work with young people who have problematic AoD & Mental Health issues.
    Still haven’t used any AoD since.
    Hope you find what I found.

  9. The community atmosphere at this facility was key to my success. Being surrounded by others who understand what I am going through has been invaluable in my journey

  10. The compassion and understanding shown by the staff was truly remarkable. They went above and beyond to help me through the most difficult moments of my journey and I am forever grateful for their support.


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