The Windana Therapeutic Community (Pakenham, VIC)

Windana Therapeutic Community

The Windana Therapeutic Community (Pakenham, VIC) community offers living and learning situations for residents to develop increased well-being and self awareness.

Each person is involved in a holistic program that includes domestic and work routines; individual and group counselling, physical fitness and recreational activities.

Health and well-being is improved with the assistance of health education, diet and nutrition; naturopathic consultation and remedies.

Individual spirituality can be explored through meditation and reflection if a resident so chooses.

Residents live in self contained houses in a campus style setting on a 40 acre farm, and interact as a whole community to practice responding constructively to personal and social situations.

The community supports each of its members to actively participate in achieving their own treatment plans, developing a sense of belonging to a community that promotes longer term sustainable change.

The Program Includes

  • Medical and nursing management
  • Case management & support services
  • Complementary therapies-naturopath,
    naturopath, yoga, mindfulness groups
  • Exercise and recreation
  • Individual counselling and group work
    including art therapy, nutrition, relapse
    prevention, harm minimisation and
    stress management
  • Slow-Stream Pharmacotherapy reduction
    from suboxone & methadone is available

Smoking is currently allowed in restricted
outside areas.

Maximum Number of Residents: 45

Age Range : 18 Years +

Approximate Payment: 80% Centrelink (Or $300.00 A week)

Length of Stay: 6 months

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs

Specialised Pharmacological Withdrawal Treatment (Up to 10 Weeks)

The Windana Therapeutic Community (Pakenham, VIC)


PO Box 372, St Kilda, 3182

88 Alma Road, St Kilda, 3182

P: (03) 9529 7955

P: (03) 59423200

F: (03) 9521 3581




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4 thoughts on “The Windana Therapeutic Community (Pakenham, VIC)”

  1. By far the best place I’ve been too to help with my addiction Windana is a life saving therapeutic community I learnt coping strategies and managed my behaviours I’m nearly 2 years clean and I have my family back this is the hardest program but by far the best I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with there addiction

  2. I felt lied to regarding the brochure saying it was a 6 month program, not to mention the lies the intake worker told me about the conditions regarding living standards, (you share 3 people to a bedroom) up to 15 people in the house I was put in. It was extremely difficult, there is absolutely minimal time to rest, your day starts from 6.30am sharp and concludes after 8.30pm. I lasted 3 months and had to leave as I wasn’t given the opportunity to organise my own supported accomodation or life after the program. They expected me to complete at least 14 months which was way beyond my plans. I have successfully remained sober and will do so by my own means with other support networks. This program may help some but during my 3 month stay I saw it destroy alot of people and make them worse with the strict entrapment aspect. Be wary.

  3. It seems that after my stay here, the whole TC paradigm that staff push here is bullshit. Slave labor. Staff prop up their own salary. In my total 8 month stay I didn’t get one session with a one to one counsellor. Dr John is a farse – the worst possible GP an addict could want. I self dis-charged and thank god, if I stayed longer I’d be dead, sureley. Their success rate is about 5 patients per thousand. Do Not go here. Fuckers.

  4. This is a lovely place that seems 2 work 4 alot of people. Very structured
    . A bit robotic.
    More information about the program needed prior to entering
    Not gr8 if u need counselling.
    Run by the residents
    ..probably geared for the younger pple
    A 1 fits all place with overly punitive rules.
    It needs better communication between the detox and tc
    Windana detox . No coffee
    Windana tc. Drink as much coffee as u want.
    If you have any injuries or mental health issues. Not the right place to go.
    I discharged after 2 days.

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