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It can be a very daunting task trying to find out what rehab best suits you or your loved one. Anybody entering recovery is impressionable, vulnerable, sensitive, scared, generally isolated and both physically and mentally sick.

We will try to dispel myths, make clear and precise points and advocate on behalf of the consumer so they are able to enter the right treatment as gently and as quickly as possible.

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Fresh Start Recovery House (Northam)

Our patients go through several stages in recovery and their accommodation needs can change at each stage. In the first few days after starting treatment we strongly recommend that our clients stay at our Fresh Start Recovery House where they can receive supervision during withdrawal. After that we move clients to our assessment houses [...]

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Teen Challenge – Grace Academy (Warwick)

Located near Esperance, Teen Challenge Grace Academy is situated on 250 acres of land and consists of classrooms, dining room, chapel, gymnasium and offices. The property also has a 50 acre lake, livestock and other buildings.Grace Academy is a residential rehabilitation and detox program that offers men and women aged 16 and over freedom [...]

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Gold Fileds Rehabilitation Service (Kalgoorlie)

Goldfields Rehabilitation Services Inc operates a 13 week residential rehabilitation programme. (Formerly known as Prospect Lodge) During your stay you will be expected to be an active participant of our programme and show motivation to get your life back on track. Our office is staffed 24 x 7 to ensure you are receiving the [...]

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Palmerston Therapeutic Community (Kwinana)

Palmerston Farm is a Therapeutic Community offering a residential rehabilitation program designed for people wishing to address their substance issues. The T.C is a 10 acre semi-rural property located 30 minutes south of Perth and also contains a further transitional house for four residents at a time. The Therapeutic Community provides a safe drug [...]

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Rick Hammersley Centre Therapeutic Community (Cullacabardee)

The Rick Hammersley therapeutic community is located north of Perth, Western Australia on 32 acres of national bush land. Like Serenity Lodge it is also is apart of Cyrenian House which is a not-for-profit non-government organisation that has been operating within the alcohol and other drug treatment sector since 1981. A four-stage program based on the Therapeutic [...]

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Serenity Lodge (Rockingham)

Serenity Lodge is apart of Cyrenian House which is a not-for-profit non-government organisation that has been operating within the alcohol and other drug treatment sector since 1981. Cyrenian House has demonstrated an enduring capacity to deliver a professional and effective rehabilitative treatment service and is one of the leading alcohol and other drug treatment [...]

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Shalom House (Midland, W.A)

Shalom House provides holistic recovery for men with any life controlling issues Out of Peter’s painful experiences, came a strong desire to help others who were going through similar trauma. Peter set out to help men, who required intensive attention and support to overcome deeply entrenched behaviours and addictions that made their lives unmanageable. [...]