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We will try to dispel myths, make clear and precise points and advocate on behalf of the consumer so they are able to enter the right treatment as gently and as quickly as possible.

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The Buttery (Bangalow)

The Buttery is a not-for-profit charity located near Bangalow, NSW. It is not affiliated with any political or religious group. The Buttery specialises in the treatment of mental health, substance misuse and gambling issues.Its residential programs near Bangalow operate as a Therapeutic Community (TC). The residents are the main vehicle for promoting personal change through [...]

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Adele House LTD- Male Only (Sydney,Coffs Harbour/N.S.W)

Adele is a non-government organisation and registered charity, that provides residential rehabilitation and employment programs for men recovering from alcohol and substance abuse, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Services are provided in two centres located in Sydney and Coffs Harbour. The Adele Program is an integrated residential rehabilitation program, that not [...]

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WHOS (Rozelle,N.S.W)

The therapeutic community (TC) model of care means that the community itself, through self-help and mutual support, is the principal means for promoting personal change. The community of clients (referred to as residents) together with staff work to overcome the problem of substance dependence  and promote personal change. Residents are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and build their [...]

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Namatjira Haven (Alstonville, N.S.W)

Gulgihwen means "change" in the traditional local language. Our Program is designed for Aboriginal men aged 18 years + and is intended to provide education and support towards addressing the issues of substance misuse and related harms such as criminality, and to improve health and well-being. With the support of experienced Staff we offer a [...]

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Kathleen York House (Glebe, N.S.W)

Kathleen York House supports women who are seeking abstinence based treatment after a long history of harmful substance dependence. We admit women over 21, without children or with children under 12. Many of our clients have also been diagnosed with mental health disorders. For our program to be successful, each potential client is thoroughly [...]

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Phoebe House (Arncliffe, N.S.W)

Phoebe House Inc. is an Incorporated Association funded by NSW Health under the non-Government Organisation (NGO) Program. Phoebe House is a registered charity which was established in 1984 in recognition that women with children, who are on an Opioid Treatment Program, require support and assistance to stabilise and maintain treatment. During its 30 year [...]

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New Beginnings – WHOS (Rozelle, N.S.W)

WHOS New Beginnings is a drug free residential Therapeutic Community (TC) for women set in the tranquil and heritage grounds of inner Sydney. It’s goal is to help women find freedom from alcohol and other drug dependence and discover a better way of living.The Therapeutic Community’s aims is to provide a safe and secure [...]

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Jarrah House Little Bay (N.S.W)

Jarrah House Little Bay is a nurturing environment for the treatment of women with substance abuse problems. It is the only service in Australia where women may come to detox, and bring their children with them. Jarrah House Little Bay runs two residential programs and an outpatient support program as outlined below: Stabilise consists of medically [...]

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Detour House (Glebe/N.S.W)

Established in 1984, Detour House provides a structured three month rehabilitation program for up to seven homeless women affected by drugs, and/or alcohol dependence. Detour House is funded by the Department of Community Services as a Specialist Homeless Service. All women who meet the admission criteria, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs, sexual preference, [...]

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