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2023 Aranda House – Drug And Alcohol Services Association – DASA – (Alice Springs, N.T)

Aranda House – Drug And Alcohol Services Association – DASA – (Alice Springs, N.T) is a growing organisation with a team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff across each of its branches.

Aranda House is a 20 bed Therapeutic Community that offers a 12 week program and we also offer an eight week program for Volatile Substance Misusers.

The Transitional After Care Unit is also attached to the Aranda House facility; this is semi independent living supported by DASA staff and clients can stay for up to a year in this Program. 

Each client coming through our doors has a thorough assessment to look at their achievable goals and assigned to a Case Worker.

The program is a therapeutic community model where clients are actively involved in their own personal recovery in a supportive and caring environment. Aranda also offers an initial detoxification and withdrawal service that can be co-managed with another health service should a medical detox be necessary.

DASA also offers an Independent Living Program for the latter stages of the client journey. 

Apartments are available for clients to live in with their family while they still retain the support of the Case Management Team from Aranda House.  Employment, family relationships and long term planning are key areas of focus.

The guiding principle of all DASA programs is to recognize the sovereignty of the individual and their right to self determination and decision making, but also recognizing the responsibility of society to provide an environment where personal development towards a better lifestyle is supported and valued.

Maximum Number of Residents: 20

Age Range : 18 Years +

Approximate Payment: 80% Centrelink

Length of Stay: 3 -12 months

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs

Aranda House - Drug And Alcohol Services Association - DASA - (Alice Springs, N.T)

Main Contact

P: (08) 8952 8412

F: (08) 8953 4686

4 Schwarz Crescent
Alice Springs, 0870

Postal: PO Box 3009
Alice Springs, 0871


cnr South Terrace

& Kempe Street,

Alice Springs, 0870

P: (08) 8950 3700

P: (08) 8950 3710

F: (08) 8953 2527

E: [email protected]


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  1. The drug and alcohol rehab provided me with the tools and support I needed to turn my life around. The staff was kind, caring, and understanding, and the therapy sessions were eye-opening and helped me gain a deeper understanding of my addiction and how to overcome it. I’m now in a much better place and I’m so grateful for my time at the rehab

  2. The staff at this rehab was truly a godsend. They were always there for me, offering a listening ear and a supportive shoulder. The programs helped me heal on a deep level and gave me the tools I needed to maintain a clean and sober life. I will always be thankful for my time at this rehab.


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