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Karralika Therapeutic Community – (Tuggeranong, A.C.T)

Karralika Therapeutic Community – (Tuggeranong, A.C.T) treatment is provided within a safe environment, free of alcohol and non-prescription drugs and is based on the belief that a person’s dependence on alcohol or other drugs is symptomatic of underlying personal difficulties. We provide an environment that not only assists people to overcome their dependence but also assists in the development of positive life skills to help them choose a better life and continue their recovery journey.

Our program focuses on individual personal growth to replace alcohol and other drug dependence. It includes life and job skills training, individual case management and recovery goal setting, along with group work and access to specialist services from other agencies. We can support the diverse and often complex needs of each resident within the Therapeutic Community. That is why each resident has a personal plan and case worker, and the resources and tools to support their own treatment goals.

Preparation for future employment and lifeskills training are important components of the program. Clients have the opportunity to learn new skills to support their growth and potential employment opportunities when their treatment program ends and they return to the community.

Staff work within a creative and innovative therapeutic environment and are skilled in clinical practices and present strong role models for clients in treatment. Our multidisciplinary team is professionally trained in the treatment of those with alcohol and other drug dependencies and some have lived experience. We also have staff with qualifications in psychology, nursing, counseling, addiction studies and other related disciplines.

Our team offers alcohol and other drug information, support and case management to parents who do not have custody of their children and assist with supported access visits through our Child and Family Services Program.

Karralika Programs supports individuals and families experiencing alcohol and other drug dependence to choose a better life through residential and community-based treatment programs.

Our focus is person-centred, helping you to identify and understand the reasons for your alcohol and/or drug use in the past, and working with you to help you achieve your personal recovery goals.

But what is “recovery”?

In the Therapeutic Community model of treatment, recovery is the multidimensional learning about oneself behaviourally, cognitively and emotionally to achieve and sustain positive living. For Karralika Programs this means supporting you in an active process of discovery to develop a sense of hope, a sense of meaning and purpose for your life, a sense of community and belonging and a sense of positive identity and pride.

The principles upon which Karralika Programs supports recovery are: self-determination, empowerment, holistic, wellbeing, connectedness, harm minimisation and positive living

Here are some definitions, with similar principles, coined by leading alcohol and drug organisations:

Anex: Recovery is a voluntary self-determined process toward wellbeing through minimisation or cessation of drug-related harms. This involves fostering healthy supported connections, such as with self, family, peers and community, and is premised upon fair access to pre-requisites for wellbeing.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

UK Drug Policy Commission: recovery is voluntarily sustained control over substance use which maximises health and wellbeing and participation in the rights, roles and responsibilities of society.

Betty Ford Institute Consensus Panel: a voluntarily maintained lifestyle characterised by sobriety, personal health and citizenship.

Our approach to rehabilitation

Karralika Programs offers programs underpinned by the Therapeutic Community theory, model and method. Our programs include a combination of one-to-one case management, educational and therapeutic groups, creative therapies, Healthy Eating and Acting Lifestyles (HEAL), relapse prevention and SMART Recovery. Read on for further information.

Community as Method
Case Management
Working in Groups
Creative Therapies 
SMART Recovery

Maximum Number of Residents: 8 Families

Age Range : 18 Years + & Children under 12

Approximate Payment: % Of Centrelink

Length of Stay: One Year +

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling

Pharmacological Reduction Programs

karralika therapeutic community - (tuggeranong, a.C.T)


PO Box 2230,

Tuggeranong, ACT,



PH: (02) 6185 1300 or 1800 152 772 (1800 1 KARRA)

FAX: (02) 6169 3200

E: [email protected]


If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

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  1. Karralika changed my life for the better. The staff were compassionate, knowledgeable, and always available to help. The therapy sessions were insightful and provided me with a deeper understanding of my addiction. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone seeking help with addiction.


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