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We do not offer our own reviews on rehabs but ask only consumers to comment, write reviews and inform others of their experience in treatment or request information from other consumers about previous experiences with particular treatments.

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It can be a very daunting task trying to find out what rehab best suits you or your loved one. Anybody entering recovery is impressionable, vulnerable, sensitive, scared, generally isolated and both physically and mentally sick.

We will try to dispel myths, make clear and precise points and advocate on behalf of the consumer so they are able to enter the right treatment as gently and as quickly as possible.

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Oceans Thailand

Client-centered evidence-based best practice delivered in a professional, compassionate and respectful way. Personalised Streamlined Care Oceans Thailand is a holistic retreat that encourages a fast assessment process, whilst ensuring continuity of care and delivering state of the art treatment in beautiful facilities and peaceful surroundings Oceans' addiction rehabilitation programs encapsulate a range of multifaceted [...]

Toora Women – Transitional Corrections – (Western Creek, A.C.T)

The Coming Home program's purpose is to provide services to women exiting the Corrections system that will reduce homelessness and recidivism.    In providing safe accommodation and follow up in relevant areas of a woman’s life, women are supported to fulfil their potential and reintegrate into the community.  This leads to stronger families and stronger [...]

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Lesley’s Place/Marzenne House – Toora Women (Western Creek, A.C.T)

Lesley’s Place Residential Program Lesley’s Place is a drug and alcohol service that provides residential treatment and recovery support for women and women accompanied by children.  It has the capacity to house 9 women and 2 children. Lesley’s place can support women who have already completed a supervised withdrawal, but need short term, day-to-day [...]

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Karralika Therapeutic Community – ACT (Tuggeranong)

Treatment is provided within a safe environment, free of alcohol and non-prescription drugs and is based on the belief that a person’s dependence on alcohol or other drugs is symptomatic of underlying personal difficulties. We provide an environment that not only assists people to overcome their dependence but also assists in the development of positive [...]

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