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2023 Sherwood Cliffs (Glenreagh, N.S.W)

Sherwood Cliffs (Glenreagh, N.S.W) is the realisation of a vision God gave John-Pierre and Honi Reifler. John-Pierre had been leading young people to the Lord for three years in the Coffs Harbour District.

When Honi joined him in 1971 they felt God burdening them to provide a long-term place for these young people where they could grow spiritually and regrow physically and mentally.

After their marriage, the Reiflers were led by God to work in Western Australia amongst the Aboriginal people for five years in practical preparation for the Farm. In 1977 God miraculously provided the present 52 ha. (130 acre) farm to operate as a rehabilitation centre.


We are not here to foster a gospel of “community living”, but a gospel of caring, compassion and love.

Our family oriented program of rehabilitation is an expression of our real concern for people.

Every year many people, some single, some married, spend a period of time at “Sherwood Cliffs” in this program.

They come from many different backgrounds. Hidden, but not hiding, in this tranquil environment and in an atmosphere of love, honest work and practical Christianity, they have an opportunity to find real answers for their needs.

While we recognise, and often use, the many avenues available for people in time of difficulty, we can finally only share the life we have found to be true.

Jesus Christ the Son of God, and His power, is the one on whom the miracle of a restored life is founded.

Know someone that needs help to overcome their addiction? 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Call us on (02) 6649 2139 to request an application form and begin your journey to recovery.  If you are pregnant or interested in bringing your children with you please let us know so we can ensure you receive the relevant application and information request forms.

To apply

To apply for our rehabilitation program we require that you personally contact us by phone for a brief phone assessment and to request an application form. 

Call us (02) 6649 2139

Our Applicants

We require that all applicants:

  • Have a sincere desire to change and be willing to commit to the process and length of time it will take for that change to occur
  • Be over eighteen (18) years of age
  • Have a history of drug or alcohol addiction
  • Be committed to a drug, alcohol, gambling and tobacco free lifestyle
  • Be committed to comply with all aspects of the program
  • Be committed to completing between six and twelve months in the program

Each person is a voluntary participant and their rehabilitation is monitored to enable their best outcome.  All participants attend our program with the intention of making changes from a life built upon addiction and the resulting behaviours.  The process of their rehabilitation requires a he commitment from both them and our team who support each person through their recovery.

Each person is required to participate fully in the program and all are expected to make every effort to attempt all activities and to learn new skills.  Skills which will enable each person to graduate from rehab prepared to embark on their life as a changed person.

We are a child safe organisation and have children living and schooling on our properties and the safety security and well being of our children is of high importance and we therefore cannot and will not accept any person who has a history of offences relating to children.

We will not accept a person who has:

  • An acute mental health need that requires professional treatment in a secure clinical setting
  • Previous charges or convictions relating violence and or aggression towards children
  • Previous charges or convictions relating to sexual violence
  • An outstanding warrant for their arrest.

How to apply

When applying for our rehabilitation program we encourage you to read through the following to familiarise yourself with the expectations and requirements of our program participants:

  • Our Rules and Regulations
  • Our Rules for Accommodation Services
  • Our Admission Agreement
  • Our Code of Conduct
  • Our Child-safe Child-friendly Policy
  • Parental Responsibility for Children

Maximum Number of Residents: 40 +

Age Range : All Ages (Families and Single Men)

Approximate Payment: $170.00 A week

Length of Stay: 6- 18 Months

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling/Tobacco/Depression

Sherwood Cliffs (Glenreagh, N.S.W)


1756 Sherwood Creek Rd,

Glenreagh, 2450

P: (02) 6649 2139

F: (02) 6649 2081

E: [email protected]




If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

2 thoughts on “2023 Sherwood Cliffs (Glenreagh, N.S.W)”

  1. Hi. I’ve been reluctant in the past to seek any ongoing treatment for the multiple addictions, that have robbed the past 23 years of my life, and about to take it to 24. Words cannot explain how terribly disassociated, afraid and alone, I feel at this point in my life. After watching you Pastor John , and listening to your wife speak about what you felt God were calling u to do, and what you’ve both been doing there, nearly forty plus years togethet, at Sherwood Cliffs , has given me alot of renewed hope as well as inspiration to wanna get myself finally clean and drug free, even if it’s at the ripe old age of 40.. I hope I finally meet you both , I heard all about Sherwood Cliffs and what wonderful, God fearing people you both were, and how i were encouraged to seek refuge at the Cliffs, some four year ago ,from a wonderful uncle of mine, who only had good words to say about u both, and who’s really helped me , in my time of need, and when I’ve needed counselling or prayer. This lovely, uncle I’m talking about , is namely , Uncle Zyx Owen

  2. Hi John and Honi.
    I just want to thank you both for putting me on the road to recovery from my alcohol and drug addiction when I attended your loving Christian rehab way back in the 1990’s.
    You guys gave me a foundation in rebuilding my life by reintroducing God into my life and He gave me a way of escape from the unmanageable life style I had previously been living.
    I have been completely sober and drug free now for 26 years living a Christian life, with a loving Christian wife and God blessed us with three wonderful children, a good job, home ownership and the gift of eternal life.
    For those people out there who WANT help and are willing to allow John and Honi to help you find the only higher power possible to break addiction, which is the almighty power of God who will grant you freely the will power required. Then I fully recommend you call them immediately.
    Thanks John and Honi for playing your part in my recovery.
    Lots of Love
    Gavin Spicer


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