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Transformations (QLD, VIC)

Transformations (QLD, VIC) is a Residential programme for the treatment of Drug and Alcohol dependency, depression, eating disorders and other life altering conditions. The Transformations Program targets specific needs by introducing group sessions and practical teaching on issues such as; conflict resolution, communication skills, identity & self worth, life skills, literature & numeracy, work place ethics, discipline and boundary setting.

We are a client-centred, medium-term, drug-free, residential therapeutic community. Provision of services operates within a structured, safe and supportive environment, which adopts an abstinence approach.

A core concept of The Transformations Therapeutic Model is the purposive use of the peer community to promote constructive social and psychological change in individual residents. Thus residents are highly involved in working with each other, on each other, and taking responsibility for charting their own progress.

Both the initial and extended programs utilise individual counselling and group work to achieve its goals. Group work encompasses educational, therapeutic and support groups addressing topics which include anger management, guilt, shame, social skills, assertiveness training, relapse prevention, nutrition etc. In addition to group work, each resident is assigned a counsellor/caseworker who is jointly responsible for tailoring interventions to the unique needs of the individual. These may include supporting residents while they address issues associated with the criminal justice systems, family and community services, housing and other legal/financial matters that may arise.

Maximum Number of Residents: 20 +

Age Range : 18 Years +

Approximate Payment: % Of Centrelink

Length of Stay:  3 Months +

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Transformations (QLD, VIC)


2 Monaco St.

Surfers Paradise,

Qld. 4217


P.O. Box 59

Surfers Paradise,

Qld. 4217

P: (07) 55 923 677

F: (07) 55 925 833

E: [email protected]

If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

7 thoughts on “Transformations (QLD, VIC)”

  1. They don’t refund your rent if you leave and they used to wait until the day after people paid rent to kick people out leaving them with no money for 2 weeks. When I decided to leave on my pay day, they refused to let me in my room to pack my things. I had to wait nearly a week to get my belongings so I could return to NSW. Very cult like Christianity practiced here. Many of the church services were little more than far right wing political propaganda.

  2. My daughter was evicted after 5 weeks for not complying with the pentecostal church demands on her, she was penalised by peeling carrots for local resturants, tied to another girl with a 2 meter rope for days if they did not see eye to eye. Evicted onto the streets of Hervey Bay with no one to meet or support her. Suffering from substance abuse and anxiety and associated mental issues such as poor memory etc she needed help and understanding, unfortunately if I can believe anything she told me, this is not a truely caring, supportive environment for people needing real help. Also yes no refunds for key deposit etc, they had a reason not to refund ..

  3. I have worked closely with Transformation’s for the past 4 years, and recently finished a 6 month stint as a staff member down here in Hobart. Working with Transformations has been a highlight in my career. I worked closely with both clients and staff and loved it! What a joy to see permanent change with such a trauma-informed professional team. The program is evidence-based, aligning its courseware to the National Co-morbidity Guidelines, in a Christian-faith supported setting. A faith background or belief is not a pre-requisite to admission, and they welcome people from all walks of life. In my view, the best rehab in the State.

  4. This is a great program with Caring Compassionate staff and highly qualified professionals. Obviously the previous two posts are written by Addicts that didn’t like the structure and discipline of the program. the results literally speak for themselves with a 755 success rate and a nationwide best practice reputation. The Therapeutic Community model works brilliantly as method for self awareness and change.

  5. I researched Transformations as a possible lifeline for my son after my good friend’s son spent 6 months there which turned his life towards a positive pathway. She spoke very highly of the facility on the Gold Coast, Qld.
    In reading negative responses, I wondered why Jim decided to leave on his payday; his decision & I can’t help thinking there’s more to this story than written here.
    Also, when a parent says “if I can believe what my daughter tells me,” that could be the key to far-fetched stories. That’s a possibility. My own son was a compulsive liar in his addicted state & unfortunately nobody believed anything he said in the end.
    If you are seeking support, this is an affordable option & if a person is not willing to be compliant & co-operate with others, perhaps they’re not ready for rehabilitation.


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