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Banyan House (Darwin, N.T)

Banyan House (Darwin, N.T)

Banyan House (Darwin, N.T) is a therapeutic community, which is a group of people working together to overcome their common problem of alcohol and/or other drug addiction. At Banyan House, recovery means regaining lost or diminished capability, health or previous level of functioning. In other words, returning to a state of physical and mental health. …

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Aranda House - Drug And Alcohol Services Association - DASA - (Alice Springs, N.T)

2021 Aranda House – Drug And Alcohol Services Association – DASA – (Alice Springs, N.T)

Aranda House – Drug And Alcohol Services Association – DASA – (Alice Springs, N.T) is a growing organisation with a team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff across each of its branches. Aranda House is a 20 bed Therapeutic Community that offers a 12 week program and we also offer an eight week program for Volatile Substance …

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Venndale Rehabilitation Centre (Katherine, N.T)

2021 Venndale Rehabilitation Centre (Katherine, N.T)

Venndale Rehabilitation Centre (Katherine, N.T) is part of the Kalano Community Association. The Venndale facility is a residential drug rehabilitation centre with a number of dedicated beds available for people withdrawing from substance abuse. Venndale provides it own medical supervision for each individual client, with prescriptions and medical checks accessed through General Practitioners Wurli Wurlinjang …

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F.O.R.W.A.A.R.D Aboriginal Corporation (Stuart Park, N.T)

F.O.R.W.A.A.R.D Aboriginal Corporation (Stuart Park, N.T)

The F.O.R.W.A.A.R.D Aboriginal Corporation (Stuart Park, N.T) has been one of the Northern Territory’s leading substance misuse treatment centres for almost five decades. In 2017 FORWAARDwill celebrate its 50th Anniversary of empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to overcome alcohol and other substance abuse, making it one of the longest serving community-based service organisations of its type in the Northern Territory. Our primary activity is that of providing residential Drug & Alcohol rehabilitation programs for both Indigenous and non- Indigenous clients, some referred …

F.O.R.W.A.A.R.D Aboriginal Corporation (Stuart Park, N.T) Read More »

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