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2023 Odyssey House (Eagle Vale, N.S.W)

Odyssey House (Eagle Vale, N.S.W) provides residential and non- residential rehabilitation programs for men and women with a drug, alcohol or gambling problem.

The Odyssey House program helps the individual develop self confidence, a sense of adequacy and how to become a contributing member of society.

Their programs are structured live-in programs where all residents of the community are joined together in a single purpose – to improve their well-being.

The treatment method used at Odyssey House treats addiction, drug misuse and associated types of anti-social behavior as being symptomatic of underlying causes and manages clients accordingly.  When appropriate, the dependent children of residents participating in the program may also receive accommodation and support. Children 10 yrs and under. 

Maximum Number of Residents: 100 +

Age Range : 18-75 Years

Payment: Approximately 80% of Centrelink Payment or ($350 + per week)

Length of Stay: 9 Months to 1 Year +

Types of Treatment: Drugs/Alcohol/Behavioural/Psychological issues/Chronic Health Problems


Odyssey House (Eagle Vale, N.S.W)


 Admissions Centre & Main Facility:

13a Moonstone Place

Eagle Vale NSW 2558

P: (02) 9820 9999

F: (02) 9820 1796

E: [email protected]

E: [email protected]



Rehabilitation Programs

Foundations to Recovery Program is a 12 week program designed to meet the needs of less complex clients who require residential treatment and can have their treatment needs best met in an intensive, shorter program. It provides an opportunity for people in addiction to live together and take responsibility for themselves and each other as a community.

The Progressive Learning Centre (PLC) is the education unit at Odyssey House providing educational experiences to foster personal growth. PLC is registered by the NSW Department of Education and Communities through NESA (NSW Educational Standards Authority) and is a member of The Association of Independent Schools. Professional staff teach courses such as remedial English and Maths, Computer Skills and Visual Arts. Art-As-Therapy enables residents to create something they can be proud of, express their feelings and interact with others in a non-threatening environment. Woodwork is also an integral part of the Assessment Stage of the program. Providing a space for expression and creativity, to convey feelings and pride through hands on work. It further allows interaction in a non-threatening environment.

The Parent’s and Children’s Program at Odyssey House is one of only a handful of rehabilitation centres in Australia that allow men and women to undertake treatment whilst their children (0-12 years) live with them. You can find out more about The Parent’s & Children’s Program here.

Group therapy is conducted regularly during the week. Additionally, vocational counselling, anger management, one on one counselling, domestic violence counselling, psychological services, assertiveness training, and recreational activities are all available to our residents.

Long Term Residential Rehabilitation Program is when our residents are at Odyssey House for 9-12 months. While residents can leave at any point, it is recommended they stay for at least 9 months as research has proven that their chances of remaining abstinent are higher, the longer they stay in the program. Programs are individually tailored with each individual will have their mental and physical health assessed upon entering the program. From here, our staff will work closely with each individual to form specific strategies, such as modifications of treatment and action plans.

Residential Rehabilitation Costs

The Residential Rehabilitation program is affordable if you are on a Centrelink benefit and have a current Medicare card. If this is not the case, please call us to discuss costs on: 1800 397 739.

If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

3 thoughts on “2023 Odyssey House (Eagle Vale, N.S.W)”

  1. Brilliant place for sobriety and or beating addictions stayed there in 2000 /2001 finished level 4 after leaving i did have a slip for a short time, though since 03 ive been living clean and Sober from drugs and alchol, i learnt so much whilst i was there & it wasnt till i actually left that i put into place all i had learned, im now living a clean happy healthy life, thanks to the support of oddessey and staff.

  2. I was here 12 years ago and have been sober ever since. The staff, the program and location were perfect for me at the time. I could not recommend this place highly enough.

  3. The effects of drug addiction have been a persistent and overwhelming problem in my life. Despite my efforts to break free, it has continued to hold me back and cause countless difficulties. Before entering rehab, the relapses I experienced were a constant reminder of my inability to control my addiction. I felt like I was losing the battle, and I was losing hope of ever being able to overcome it. I never thought I’d be in a place where I needed to go to rehab, but I’m so grateful I ended up at this one. The staff was patient and understanding, and the programs helped me understand my addiction in a new way. I will always be thankful for my time here.


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