Ysas – Birribi (Eltham, Vic)

Ysas - Birribi (Eltham, Vic)

Ysas – Birribi (Eltham, Vic) is a quality accredited organisation that enables young people  to build on their strengths and deal with a range of significant issues relating to alcohol and/or drug use, mental health and legal matters. This includes early intervention programs that assist young people and families to prevent the escalation of any problems.

Birribi provides a structured, experiential environment based on therapeutic community principles for vulnerable young people managing their alcohol and/or other drug issues. Birribi’s holistic recovery approach comprises individual and group therapy as well as recreational, vocational and educational opportunities to improve social identity. The overall focus is on community living and shared responsibility.

Maximum Number of Residents: 15

Age Range : 16-20 Years of age

Approximate Payment:  % Of Centrelink

Length of Stay: 6 Months +

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling/Smoking

Ysas - Birribi (Eltham, Vic)


10 Eucalyptus Road,

Eltham 3095,
P.O. Box 264

P: 1800 009 121

P: (03) 9430 2300 (Intake-Office Hours)

F: (03) 9430-2301

E: [email protected]

W: http://www.ysas.org.au/ysas-birribi-residential-rehabilitation


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