Rehab Reviews Australia

The Farm in Galong (Galong, N.S.W)

the farm in galong

The Farm in Galong Ltd was formed to address particular aspects of the problem of drug abuse in the community. Two things were of specific concern and became the focus of the group’s planning: recidivism and the effects of drug use on the user’s family. One particularly tragic effect is the removal of children from … Read more

2022 Online Recovery

Online Recovery Resources Soberistas Soberistas Welcome to Narcotics Anonymous Australia Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. NA Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous Australia Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and … Read more

Odyssey House Victoria (Lower Plenty, VIC)

odyssey house victoria

Odyssey House Victoria (Lower Plenty, VIC)  is a residential rehabilitation program, in the form of a Therapeutic Community, provides live-in treatment for adults, couples, and parents with their children (aged 0 to 12 years). The program offers a structured environment, working together in a values-based program as a community to help individuals make changes and … Read more

The Windana Therapeutic Community (Pakenham, VIC)

Windana Therapeutic Community

The Windana Therapeutic Community (Pakenham, VIC) community offers living and learning situations for residents to develop increased well-being and self awareness. Each person is involved in a holistic program that includes domestic and work routines; individual and group counselling, physical fitness and recreational activities. Health and well-being is improved with the assistance of health education, … Read more

Adele House Salvation Army- Male Only (Coffs Harbour, N.S.W)

Adele House ltd- Male Only (Sydney/Coffs Harbour, N.S.W)

Salvation Army, Adele House – Male Only (Coffs Harbour, N.S.W.) is a 40-bed facility located at Bucca. 27 kms. North-West of Coffs Harbour. Adele provides Residential Rehabilitation for men, over 18 y.o., who wish to address their substance use. Our Program provides: Structured Support Groups o   Communication skills o   Build self esteem o   Conflict resolution … Read more

Sharc – Recovery Support (Carnegie, Vic)

Sharc - Recovery Support Service (Carnegie, Vic)

Sharc – Recovery Support Service (Carnegie, Vic) is a service for young people experiencing significant problems relating to their use of alcohol and other drugs. Often this includes homelessness, legal pressure, disconnection from family and emotional and mental health challenges. RSS is a specialist service within the broad range of alcohol and other drugs services. … Read more

2023 Discover Ysas – Birribi (Eltham, Vic)

Ysas - Birribi (Eltham, Vic)

YSAS Birribi (Eltham, Vic) is a quality accredited organisation that enables young people  to build on their strengths and deal with a range of significant issues relating to alcohol and/or drug use, mental health and legal matters. This includes early intervention programs that assist young people and families to prevent the escalation of any problems. … Read more

Namatjira Haven (Alstonville, N.S.W)

namatjira haven (alstonville, n.s.w)

Namatjira Haven Gulgihwen means “change” in the traditional local language. Our Program is designed for Aboriginal men aged 18 years + and is intended to provide education and support towards addressing the issues of substance misuse and related harms such as criminality, and to improve health and well-being.  With the support of experienced Staff we … Read more

2023 Toora Women – Transitional Corrections – (Western Creek, A.C.T)

toora women - transitional corrections - (western creek, a.c.t)

The Toora Women – Transitional Corrections – (Western Creek, A.C.T) Coming Home program’s purpose is to provide services to women exiting the Corrections system that will reduce homelessness and recidivism.    In providing safe accommodation and follow up in relevant areas of a woman’s life, women are supported to fulfil their potential and reintegrate into the … Read more

Lesley’s Place/Marzenne House – Toora Women (Western Creek, A.C.T)

lesley's place/marzenne house - toora women (western creek, a.c.t)

Lesley’s Place Residential Program Lesley’s Place is a drug and alcohol service that provides residential treatment and recovery support for women and women accompanied by children.  It has the capacity to house 9 women and 2 children. Lesley’s place can support women who have already completed a supervised withdrawal, but need short term, day-to-day support … Read more

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