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2023 Salvation Army calm Dooralong Transformation Centre (Dooralong, N.S.W)

Salvation Army Dooralong Transformation Centre (Dooralong, N.S.W) has made a very big statement about recovery services in the purchase of Dooralong. It is the largest residential drug, alcohol, gambling and duel diagnosis treatment faculties in Australia.

On 345 acres of land, the Dooralong Transformation Centre was previously a luxurious holiday resort. The cabins are comfortably fitted out, a commercial cafe, timbered floors and brass fittings.

Dooralong also provides a number of recreational activities including horse riding, canoeing and aqua golf.

Residential treatment Centre’s provide an environment, support and the time to allow people to learn to live without their addiction.

The Salvation Army follows the 12-Step Recovery Model, which recognizes they physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the recovery journey.

Although farm work therapy activities were previously a focus at Miracle Haven, a program that provided residents with employment skills, Dooralong will continue work therapy activities through the centre’s cafe.

There are also plans to offer horticultural and wildlife protection programs.

While men and women have been separated previously between the two sites at Miracle Haven and Selah, Dooralong is bringing a fresh change by combining them at one centre.

Cabins will remain divided by gender, but there will be some shared activities including group counselling sessions.

Up to 120 residents can be housed at Dooralong. Up to 78 men and up to 36 women and along with  Dual Diagnosis Therapeutic Community for up to 26 men.

Maximum Number of Residents: 120

Age Range: 18-75 Years

Payment: 80% of Centrelink Payment

Length of Stay: 9 Months to 1 year

Types of Treatment: Drugs/Alcohol/Gambling

Duel Diagnosis Treatment

Salvation Army Dooralong Transformation Centre (Dooralong, N.S.W)


1467 Dooralong Road


P: (02) 4355 8000

F: (02) 4355 0843

Dooralong Transformation Centre

Referral & Intake Office


Oasis Wyong

15-23 Hely Street

WYONG, N.S.W. 2259

P: (02) 4353 9799

F: (02) 4353 9550


Recovery Services seeks to bring hope, healing and wholeness to all people adversely affected by alcohol, other drugs and gambling by providing a range of services and support to addicts, families and significant others whose lives have been affected by addiction.

This can include group discussions, one-on-one sessions, alcohol and drug education, chapel services, work activity therapy and vocational training.

Our centres are abstinence based, drug-free environments and our programmes provide a holistic treatment service that will help achieve physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

Our alcohol and other drug services are dedicated to creating a platform and pathways for people to build their lives in ways that are meaningful and purposeful. Harm reduction is the overarching framework of our alcohol and other drug services. Our primary purpose is to prevent and reduce harm for both individuals and the wider community and to support the reduction and cessation of use.

While addressing problematic substance use is key, we want people to have a sense of belonging to their families, friends and communities. Our core belief is that all people are worthy and deserving of love, respect and dignity.

This is how to make God’s Word and his wonderful plan of salvation accessible to the whosoever: show them hospitality, welcome them, go to visit them in whatever situation they find themselves, be generous.

Across Australia, we offer a range of programs including withdrawal management, residential rehabilitation, non- residential rehabilitation, community programs and harm reduction interventions.

Our services are designed to respond to a range of need and severity in relation to alcohol and other drug use and to service diverse, marginalised and vulnerable population groups. Different service types are available in each state.

We believe wholeheartedly in the ‘no wrong door’ philosophy. We welcome all people without prejudice and seek to support them to access the treatment they need.

Our services encourage choice. We believe in the capacity of people to identify their needs and guide their own treatment pathways. We work to develop and maintain strong partnerships between services and other health and community agencies to enhance access for people

to get the kind of care they want when they need it.

If any information is inaccurate please contact here.

11 thoughts on “2023 Salvation Army calm Dooralong Transformation Centre (Dooralong, N.S.W)”

  1. Dooralong has a program that balances accountability with freedom. If you can get past the heavy Christian ethos (happy singing every Wednesday and Salvation Army chapel on Sundays) there’s lots to like about the place. Case workers are great, as is the program that integrates you into real world – you have your phone, have regular unsupervised outings and can study or work later in the program. Many case workers are in recovery and will help you get your head around the twelve steps as a way of living. The environment is quiet and beautiful.

  2. I agree, this is a very big place with great community support and a really beautiful environment to try and find yourself. I went here a few years ago and the staff were great.
    This is a really great place to chill out and get clean.

  3. This is truly a unique environment, beautiful location and genuinely supportive staff that understand the needs of their clients. My son got sober through this program and is still sober today after all these years. We are very grateful.

  4. The cycle of my addiction has been a vicious and unrelenting. Using was no longer fun from a very early stage my addiction. It was an industry which needed constant feeding. It eventually caused me to spiral out of control and leaving me with a sense of constant defeat. Stealing, lying and cheating people become second nature. I could not even trust myself to be in a room with people who either had money for my next hit or were using. Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to overcome it on my own. My family’s support during my time in rehab was a game-changer. Thank God this place allowed visitors, otherwise I would not have made it. They showed me what it means to love unconditionally and their constant encouragement gave me the strength to face my addiction and overcome it.


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