Sherwood Cliffs (Glenreagh)“Sherwood Cliffs” is the realisation of a vision God gave John-Pierre and Honi Reifler. John-Pierre had been leading young people to the Lord for three years in the Coffs Harbour District. When Honi joined him in 1971 they felt God burdening them to provide a long-term place for these young people where they could grow spiritually and regrow physically and mentally. After their marriage, the Reiflers were led by God to work in Western Australia amongst the Aboriginal people for five years in practical preparation for the Farm. In 1977 God miraculously provided the present 52 ha. (130 acre) farm to operate as a rehabilitation centre.


We are not here to foster a gospel of “community living”, but a gospel of caring, compassion and love. Our family oriented program of rehabilitation is an expression of our real concern for people. Every year many people, some single, some married, spend a period of time at “Sherwood Cliffs” in this program. They come from many different backgrounds. Hidden, but not hiding, in this tranquil environment and in an atmosphere of love, honest work and practical Christianity, they have an opportunity to find real answers for their needs. While we recognise, and often use, the many avenues available for people in time of difficulty, we can finally only share the life we have found to be true. Jesus Christ the Son of God, and His power, is the one on whom the miracle of a restored life is founded.

Maximum Number of Residents: 40 +

Age Range : All Ages (Families and Single Men)

Approximate Payment: $170.00 A week

Length of Stay: 6- 18 Months

Types of Treatment: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling/Tobacco/Depression


1756 Sherwood Creek Rd,

Glenreagh, 2450

P: (02) 6649 2139

F: (02) 6649 2081