WHOS - (Nambour)WHOS Najara Sunshine Coast operates separately from the other WHOS services. Its aim is to provide a safe and secure environment where men and women who suffer from drug dependence and its related problems can concentrate on their recovery. Groupwork and individual counselling is provided by experienced drug and alcohol workers who deal with the special needs of clients. Our service is located 5 kms just outside Nambour, the center of the Sunshine Coast. We facilitate aftercare support and accommodation for clients during their transition back into the community.

The WHOS Therapeutic Community is a three to six month residential program offering groupwork, counselling support and education, stress management and skills development. Groupwork covers topics such as social and communication skills, assertiveness skills and self esteem building, living skills, self and group evaluation awareness, exiting client groups, relapse prevention, drug overdose and ex-resident groups. WHOS also provides HIV and other infectious disease education and adopts a harm minimisation approach should a drug free outcome not be chosen. Outreach services are available and facilitated by We Help Ourselves. We provide access to numerous outside activities such as self help meetings, general health services, legal and welfare services, TAFE and other educational activities and various exercise and stress management programs. Weekends are a time for reacquainting with leisure activities and relaxation

Maximum Number of Residents:

Age Range : 18-75 Years

Payment: Approximately 80% of Centrelink Payment

Length of Stay: 3 to 6 Months +

Types of Treatment: Drugs/Alcohol


PO Box 5311


P: (07) 5476 0877

F: (07) 5441 7958

E: info@whos.com.au

W: www.whos.com.au